Spring 2014


Spring 2014

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Christian: Influence, Importance and Motivation of Bible Study
We are three exchange students from University of
Macau. In this semester, we joined a RSO which is
ICCF (Illini Chinese Christian Fellowship) to
comprehend the role of bible study for Christians.
Since ICCF is a Bible-based fellowship, we can…

Find Friendship? Go Bridges!
Bridges International is a registered student
organization (RSO established in 2005 in UIUC
that aims to encourage friendships amongst
International and American students. This goal is
accomplished through “3S”: Service activities;

The Culture of Ill Pandemic Dance Crew
ILL Pandemic Club is a new established dance crew within 1000 RSOs in 2013. Its aim to help students improve their dance skills and provide them opportunities to perform on stages. With a freedom system. It promotes various styles of hip-hop dance…

The meaning of competition for Illini Dancsport
I was an athlete in ballroom dance in Macau. I think competition is stressful but I found that the member in Illini Dancesport is willing to participant. It is the reason why I do this research. My research focus on the Illini Dancesport members…

The Influence of Christianity on ICCF Members
This is a Christian fellowship organization which is dedicated to encourage more people to know God through Bible study , and to provide a place for students to share lives. ICCF consists of three language groups: Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.…
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