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This is a Christian fellowship organization which is dedicated to encourage more people to know God through Bible study , and to provide a place for students to share lives. ICCF consists of three language groups: Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.…

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I was an athlete in ballroom dance in Macau. I think competition is stressful but I found that the member in Illini Dancesport is willing to participant. It is the reason why I do this research. My research focus on the Illini Dancesport members…

ILL Pandemic Club is a new established dance crew within 1000 RSOs in 2013. Its aim to help students improve their dance skills and provide them opportunities to perform on stages. With a freedom system. It promotes various styles of hip-hop dance…

Bridges International is a registered student
organization (RSO established in 2005 in UIUC
that aims to encourage friendships amongst
International and American students. This goal is
accomplished through “3S”: Service activities;

We are three exchange students from University of
Macau. In this semester, we joined a RSO which is
ICCF (Illini Chinese Christian Fellowship) to
comprehend the role of bible study for Christians.
Since ICCF is a Bible-based fellowship, we can…

This study examined the use of academic services and student motivations for seeking assistance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior research has studied the influence of one type of service on student retention and success.…

The past literature shows that student academic advising needs are constantly changing. While it is common knowledge that student needs change, it is hard to keep academic advising styles up-to-date with student needs unless frequent studies are…

This study examines the way that first-generation students understand the impact of their anticipated student-loan debt on their personal happiness, academic and personal, as students at the University of Illinois. This study is particularly…

To find out if Parkland students are prejudice and how that prejudice affects their social life, comfort levels, and perceptions on stereotypes.
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